Times were peculiar. Rustom Anna, who sold tea on a khomcha purana-dhurana for ek rupay and 8 aana were a face familiar and a name jaana-maana. He sold tea, under the old tree, near the Bank of Kanjoosmal-ji Burp-aani. There, where a samosa with fried mirchi would add to the newspapers and kahani. Rustom Anna […]

Anatomy of an Artist

ली है कोई खुराक तो बता दो, ये दीवारें पोतने के शौक का क्या करते हो? दूरदराज़ से लोगों को बुलाते हो, इकट्ठा करके कला की नुमाइश करते हो, बीमार हो? नहीं, तो भला ये उदास और कोरे रंगों से क्यूं घबराते हो? हां, तो घरों में रौनक कहां है? डरते हो? चिढ़ते हो? राज […]

Travelling Man

I come from a foreign land. I am a travelling man. I see you chirping to your grandchildren, Playing subtly. So the surreal in me, wants to strike a chord; For there is somewhere the same years we have been through; Years, the same. Varying in music and hue. Tell me, did you want to […]


Do you have a fiction up your sleeve? One fiction sat on the shoulder of time. With rustles, it rhymed. One fiction sewed up its way From tattered leaf to upright tree. And on its way, it chimed. Prose-ing from door to door, it passed the spectacles, ‘2 for a dime’. Bit’tu was a dream […]

A Story within a Story

#story #shortstory A Story within a story, sat daydreaming by the vegetable oil canisters in the courtyard. The courtyard was in its usual state. Full of dead leaves and puddles of water all around. If a map were to be laid out for the water on that uneven floor, the zig-zag of puddles would make […]